This Year is Going to Look Great on You

This Year is Going to Look Great on You

Start eating healthier without much fuss.

Its long past that resolution moment where we get motivated to improve our health. By the time we get one month into the year, that party is over baby. We just go back to whatever habits we have ingrained in our same ol’ lives. It’s hard. Maybe too hard. So, this year I say let’s take it easy. How about if I just share a list of good things to add rather than subtract? Sometimes it’s easier to stomach being told what we can do, rather than what we can’t.

So here goes…
Water is not for wimps. Drink a glass of water when you wake up. Like maybe when you are brushing your teeth. Done. Now do that also at the beginning of each meal. Simple. Add one or two in the afternoon, I love a cup of hot water during the day, and voila, you are hydrated. Super important people.

Eat probiotics precious. It’s a great idea to kick start the day with a healthy helping of probiotics. I go with whole milk probiotic yogurt, add flax seed, frozen blueberries and dry muesli. Bingo you have the fiber and the gut health business covered, along with super healthful blueberries that get that antioxidant program off to a quick start. Now have a good day.

Smaller dishes – is a big idea. Nowadays plates are supersized liked everything else. Sure, they look great on the table, but they also cause you to serve up bigger portions over your lifetime, which supersizes your beltline. It’s a form of tabletop subterfuge. Look for smaller bowls and plates with a rim a couple of inches wide. That investment will keep YOU from getting a couple inches wider with almost no effort.

Dish up smaller my dear. Start with smaller portions and tell yourself that if you want more you can go back. This is not about denial. Do yourself a favor and before you go back for seconds, drink a glass of water and wait a few minutes. If you still want more, then there you go. I promise a few less second helpings over time adds down.

Become a chop-o-holic. Do some chopping of fresh things you like. I don’t care what it is as long as it’s fresh and you’ll reach for it. If you have something handy stored in your refrigerator, you’ll likely grab that first when staring in that open door. Think of it as your own good grab- and-go.

Fish on! Last but not least we at Salty’s want to encourage you to get more fish in your life, like several times a week as research suggests. I’m not saying you have to cook this yourself, we of course would like to do it for you. Our chefs have so many delicious menu choices they have created for you. I promise we will make this part fun. Click here for recipes.

Now pat yourself on the back people. Put your hands together and give yourself a high five for reading this. I know somewhere in the back of your mind you will remember some of these suggestions and give them a go.

If you do, this year is going to look great on you.