We’re proud to tell you that we donate tens of thousands in cash to more than 300 local charities annually using Salty’s gift cards for auctions and fund-raisers. Also, our extraordinarily talented chefs and management team members are honored to contribute their time, effort and additional dollars to local charity events and fundraisers to the tune of over $250,000 annually. Additionally, we were involved in helping to raise thousands more at other various events. We hope you can join us this year as we try to break last year’s records with our partners:

All of us at Salty’s feel blessed to be able to give back to our community with activities that help bring joy to others. Visit Salty’s news blogs often and keep up with all that is happening at all 3 Salty’s locations. Maybe you too can be a part of spreading the joy!

Warmest regards,
Gerry & Kathy Kingen
Salty’s Local Family Business Owners

Contact Us About Charitable Donations

We are often asked to help raise funds for many worthy causes as well as to contribute time and talent for numerous charity events. If you have a charity or cause you want us to consider, please call 206-937-1600 and ask for our Donations Coordinator.