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Salty’s on the Columbia with Chef Josh Thorburn

The Wild Ones

This month we are excited to announce the beginning of a very special time of year. In the Pacific Northwest, we are host to incredible resources, one of those being some of the worlds most notorious Salmon runs.

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Good for You

There are so many reasons to be a lover of crustaceans, and right now it’s prime time to imbibe in the most popular delicacy of our seas. It’s easy to become a happy “crustaphile”, just hold a prawn up to your face, it’s even in the shape of a smile. I remember my first foray..

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4th of July @ Salty’s

You are cordially invited to join us in celebration of Independence Day at all 3 Salty’s Locations!  Each location will offer local summer favorites including: Locally sourced vegetables, seasonal fruits and fresh Alaskan Salmon…

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Kitchen Talk

From a Chef, the MMMM…. of culinary sayings is the difference between prawn and shrimp. Yes, they are all classified as shrimp but prawn was brought to you as a marketing tool. I love the naming difference because it truly gives me an idea of how to buy the right stuff.

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