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Salty’s on the Columbia with Chef Josh Thorburn

Washington Wine Month

Washington Wine Month is here and it brings to us a celebration of the rich and beautiful Washington soil that we call our home. This month, join us and Tim O’brien, Washington’s Two-Time Winning Sommelier of the Year, to learn about….

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Portland Dining Month

Travel Portland is proud to bring you Portland Dining Month, our annual celebration of the city’s culinary scene. Since 2009, food-loving Portland has dedicated an entire month to celebrating our acclaimed dining scene.

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Alki Cookie Decorating Class

Put all your eggs in one basket here at the Alki Beach Easter Cookie Decorating Party. Enjoy house made cookies straight from the bakery as well as snacks and our famous Hot Chocolate that is out of this world. ….

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Easter Brunch

Come join us for the “golden egg” of Easter celebrations at any of your local Salty’s. Our astonishing, world-class views paired with our show-stopping Brunch and Dinner menus would make anybody want to put all their eggs in one basket.

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Be Shellfish, Eat Me

“It’s that time of year when the best Shrimp and Lobster are here. Our Chefs having been chatting about March and their plans for the stellar dishes they have been waiting all winter to share…

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Seattle Restaurant Week

As a West Coast staple for experience and astonishing food, Salty’s on Alki Beach and Salty’s on Redondo Beach eagerly invite you to join our family for evenings of amazing food, service and smiles.

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Good for You

There are so many reasons to be a lover of crustaceans, and right now it’s prime time to imbibe in the most popular delicacy of our seas. It’s easy to become a happy “crustaphile”, just hold a prawn up to your face, it’s even in the shape of a smile. I remember my first foray..

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Kitchen Talk

From a Chef, the MMMM…. of culinary sayings is the difference between prawn and shrimp. Yes, they are all classified as shrimp but prawn was brought to you as a marketing tool. I love the naming difference because it truly gives me an idea of how to buy the right stuff.

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