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Redondo Rose Wine Dinner

We invite you to join Salty’s at Redondo Beach for our exclusive Rose Dinner where we will dive into the flavor profiles of various rose wines. Developed in France, the history of Rose wine goes back 2,600 years when the art and culture of winemaking became central to the local way of life.

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Kitchen Talk

From a Chef, the MMMM…. of culinary sayings is the difference between prawn and shrimp. Yes, they are all classified as shrimp but prawn was brought to you as a marketing tool. I love the naming difference because it truly gives me an idea of how to buy the right stuff.

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Boardwalk Espresso

Skip the lines at Starbucks and save yourself precious time by heading straight to the beach at Redondo for the best coffee in the Seattle area!

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Seattle Restaurant Week

As a West Coast staple for experience and astonishing food, Salty’s on Alki Beach and Salty’s on Redondo Beach eagerly invite you to join our family for evenings of amazing food, service and smiles.

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Good for You

There are so many reasons to be a lover of crustaceans, and right now it’s prime time to imbibe in the most popular delicacy of our seas. It’s easy to become a happy “crustaphile”, just hold a prawn up to your face, it’s even in the shape of a smile. I remember my first foray..

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