Wedding Elopement

Wedding Elopement

Oh hey! It has been a minute… or several months but who is keeping track of days anymore? A lot has happened since we last checked in and we suppose stating a lot has happened in the last few months would be the understatement of the year. We have all been through it — this year has been one big plot twist after another, and we aren’t quite sure we want a cliff hanger.

One great thing has however transcended our standard summers at the beach; we are getting really good at pivoting on a whim! This year has brought challenges but also so many opportunities to evolve. We are all for the new trends emerging in weddings and so grateful we have been able to help so many couples still say their vows in 2020! We love us some good trends with benefits.

Three major designations have hit the wedding industry by storm this year and we are laying it all out here for you to not only show you what we’ve been up to but also to open your minds to the many advantages of a social distanced or guideline-friendly wedding option. No more prohibition style weddings friends, here are three totally legit and safely legal ways to celebrate your love right now!



Elopements are making a comeback this year, and hardcore. The traditional definition of an elopement might be a concept of the past. This year the term elopement has morphed into individualized and personal interpretations of mini weddings. Thus, the need for several designations to define a tiny wedding. Let us take it back to the old school definition for the purposes of simplification. An elopement has historically been an intimate ceremony between the couple, their officiant and perhaps a witness. They are meant to focus solely on the sacred moment between the couple as they share their vows and typically include an element of secrecy, spontaneity and a killer destination or back drop. In the great PNW we have a lot of local hotspots; from the beach to a mountain top, you are sure to find an intimate and somewhat secret location to hold your elopement. Again, the focus here is on the couple and their special moment.



A mini-mony takes it a step further from the traditions of an elopement. It is, just as it sounds, a miniature ceremony with the couple and about 10-20 of their closest friends and family. The difference here is that the couple is choosing to celebrate their special day in a slightly more social way by sharing their moment with those who are most important to them. A mini-mony also includes key elements from a larger traditional wedding with much less fuss and less demands from the budget. A couple will likely choose to still have a photographer and/or a videographer capture the ceremony, music or a small string duet and even some other type technology such as Zoom to share their moment with others who couldn’t attend in person. You will also likely see a cute little cake for cutting and champagne for toasting and a sweet little first dance. The predominant focus of a mini-mony is the ceremony, while tying in some of the more traditional details from a full wedding and condensing it into a short timeline.



The micro wedding is going to be somewhere between a larger standard wedding and a mini-mony. Here, couples will go through all the elements of a wedding with much fewer guests; around 30-50 people. You might also see some finer details attended to in this setting as a micro wedding usually has the budget of a standard wedding, but spread out among less guests, allowing the couple to have a little more in their budget for nicer things, including a swanky reception. You might see an elevated menu, nicer champagne, or even luxurious floral and décor. Micro weddings are great for couples who are determined to still have the wedding they envisioned, with much fewer guests in attendance.

So, whatever your budget, whatever your focus, whatever the details are that matter to you the most, you will most certainly still be able to elevate your love this year. We hope this was helpful. Check back often for new information and fun features