PACMAN of the Sea

PACMAN of the Sea

Scallops are so much like PACMAN.  They move around with big open mouths, avoid predators, get stronger as they go and clean up in the end. Hugely popular, and loved by everyone, scallops take the world by storm.

Scallops are from the family of bivalves. You know its cousins, clams, oysters, and mussels. They all have two shells (valves) that pretty much match each other. Makes sense then, bi (meaning two), valves (meaning shells). A flexible hinge holds these valves together. Bivalves do their ecofriendly-cleaning project daily as they syphon gallons of water.  In the process they filter out nutrients, and expel cleaner water.

Most bivalves are clingy. They set down roots by attaching to rocks, kelp, piers or whatever is under the water. But the scallop is no clingy homebody. It is the “free-liver” of the bunch, opting to be on the move. You can often find it on the floor of the sea skipping around looking for food. It moves by clapping its valves. The scallop opens and closes its shells so forcefully its like jet propulsion, making it move meters at a time easily. To do this it uses its powerful adductor muscle to open and close its “Pacman-like” mouth. As time goes by the muscle gets stronger and bigger. All this open and shut movement develops a strong muscle that can propel or lock down quickly when needed. Some say “free living” scallops even migrate but for sure they get around.

Scallops develop a super strong adductor muscle. This is the part that we love. There is nothing that compares to its texture or its succulence. Its meat is almost pure protein, no fat, and few carbs. It contains some great minerals especially selenium, lots of selenium. And selenium is a great supporter of your brain health, immune system, heart health, cancer preventer and is a terrific antioxidant.

The perfectly shaped scallop muscle you see on your plate is not formed in the kitchen or at a processing plant. That beautiful circle is the whole muscle itself round, firm and powerful.

The muscle of the scallop is incredibly sweet. It’s that combination of sweetness and salty brine that puts this seafood flavor over the top. To compliment this our chef’s at Salty’s will be perfectly preparing it for you. “Luscious giant seared scallops and prawns, simmered with a fragrant ginger soy sauce adorned with unctuous 5-spice braised smoked pork belly, fried rice loaded with crispy garlic, scallions and sesame.  Topped off with crunchy pea shoots tossed in a sweet miso vinaigrette. Chef Paolo Di Gregorio. Seriously?!?

Winter is the time of year when scallops are at their best. Prime time as we say.  So come taste the winning ways we prepare them just for you.