Chill Out

Chill Out

If there is a most delicious time to eat oysters and clams, it’s now. Admittedly, any day of the year is the best day to eat them. True. But when fall arrives, they are prime-at-prime and extra-best. Because they are at their sweetest, meatiest and most delicious peak. But why do they get that way? Because it’s their time to “chill out”.

The fact is, oysters and the clams spend all summer on awesome vacations. They hang out at the best beaches, exercise all day long, order all-you-can-eat meals and sip briny cocktails 24/7. By the time the warm days are over, understandably, they have become “pleasantly plump”. Unlike us, it’s not fat that makes them heavier. It is the energy they have stored called glycogen. Glycogen is a polysaccharide, (which means sugar-molecules-stuck-together). Why do they store glycogen? Surprisingly, because oysters and clams actually hibernate. When it’s time for winter, they close up their tent and live off the energy of their glycogen stores. This makes right now their “sweet peak of perfection”.

Did you know that not all oysters and clams taste the same? Have you heard the word “terroir” as it refers to wine? It relates to the way that wine tastes when grapes have been grown in a certain place. Well shellfish have a similar word called “merrior”, referring to the way oysters or clams taste when grown in particular waters. These waters vary in temperature, current, forms of food available, minerals in the water and so much more. All these factors play into the taste. That is why you not only want to enjoy the meat of these delicacies, but like wine, savor the brine. It tells so much of the flavor story.

Yes, now is the peak season for oysters and clams. But don’t forget, 365 also works. Remember the old saying that you should only eat oysters in months that contained the letter R? Well, nix that one. It originated because May to August were the warmer months when oysters and clams spawn. Today that doesn’t apply not only because of how carefully oysters are handled but also because today’s “triploid” varieties don’t spawn at all.

Have no doubt about it, now is the time of year when these beauties are sweetest, firmest, and absolutely exquisite. This is also the time when you should run down to Salty’s for a shucking good time and enjoy oysters and clams to your hearts’ content. We have our seafood delivered seven, yes, 7 days a week, so stop by and taste the very freshest difference.
Salty’s chefs are creating exciting preparations for you to taste and by all means check out Chef Jeremy’s very cool ideas right here.

Come to Salty’s Seafood Grills, and deliciously chill out this winter!