Most Comforting Comfort Food

Most Comforting Comfort Food

Seafood is comfort food

The last of the leaves are taking to the streets and its chipper out there alright. It’s time for the most comforting, of comfort foods.

Soothing contentment, and a sense of well-being is what we seek at this chillier time of year. So, how is it that a dish gets the honor of becoming one of your very own comfort foods? It’s from the positive emotions it gives us. It is food that we love, that loves us back. It fulfills our needs. So what sorts of food fit this tall bill? Does it have to be warm, soft, salty or sweet; roasted, sauced or baked? We each have our own list of favorites, but I challenge you to add to yours.

In my mind, I take comfort knowing that the foods I eat are also taking good care of me. I mean all of me, not just my heart and soul, but also my mind. This is a very tall order I realize. But we have guidance folks! A terrific study was just released, in the journal “Alzheimers and Dementia”. This research strongly reinforces the link between food and Alzheimer’s. It reminds us that this disease actually starts reaching in, 20 to 30 years before symptoms show up. Slight cognitive decline can begin fairly early but perhaps not even be noticed.  With the right lifestyle changes we can actually make improvements. The changes we make now can actually slow down and stave off this bad actor.

Want to know the researcher’s top recommendation to add to your diet? Trumpets please! Seafood, fresh and wild seafood. The reason is, fish and shellfish contain loads of the essential omega three fatty acid, called DHA. DHA, (let’s say the word, to work our brains…doc-osa-hex-aen-oic acid) is essential for keeping our nerves healthy. It can also help repair nerve damage. Our brain is the central controller of our nervous system and the working of our entire body depends on it. The study said that eating seafood at least three times a week is key. In fact, they found that people who ate fish at least this often, along with getting physical exercise, brain excercise and good nights’ sleep, actually reversed cognitive decline and slowed the onset of the disease. I don’t know about you, but I find that news very comforting!

At Salty’s, creating a most remarkable seafood experience is exactly what we have in mind. Check out Chef Jeremy’s warm and wonderful home ideas right here.

For a most memorable, comfort food experience… come to Salty’s and cozy up to our hearty Seafood Cioppino, Clams Linguine and Oysters Rockefeller soon.

We hope you’ll comfortably add us to your favorites list!