Seafood Festivals

Salty’s Seafood Festivals

Salty’s chefs bend over backwards searching local farms and waterways for the freshest seafoods at their prime. If you’re looking for our current offerings, read the latest Salty’s News. To be in the know, sign up for Salty’s VIP Email Llist and you’ll receive Kathy Kingen’s Food Nutrition Blog, Chef Jeremy McLachlan’s Kitchen Tips and Salty’s Festival Recipes for the Home Cook every month!

Here’s what you need to know about seafood in the Great Pacific Northwest:

“You Crack Me Up” Crab Festival (January-February)

Winter brings to mind mouth-watering thoughts of Salty’s “You Crack Me Up!” Crab Festival. This Pacific Northwest crab festival is a very popular winter event. January and February, Salty’s Seafood Grills attract gourmet food lovers from Seattle, Des Moines, Kent, Tacoma, Federal Way, Redondo Beach and Portland, Oregon, to celebrate this crabbiest of crustaceans. Be sure to read the latest Salty’s News so you don’t miss our Crab Boil event which sells out quickly. Sign up for Salty’s VIP Email List to be in the know!

Even though crabs are available most of the year, we celebrate crab in the winter as it is the time when most crab tend be more “filled out” with a higher quantity of sweet, fresh meat. It is also the height of the commercial crabbing season, meaning we can offer a great variety of the freshest catch at very affordable prices. At Salty’s Seafood Grills, diners feast on Dungeness crab, King crab, Snow crab and Jonah crab during our “You Crack Me Up” Crab Festival.

With its sweet and succulent meat, Dungeness crab is always one of the most popular items on our menu. This delectable treat is simply the best crab that can be found. Even though the Dungeness crab is named for a small town on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula it is fished from the Aleutian Islands to Mexico. In Puget Sound this crab is most abundant north of Seattle, in Hood Canal, and near the Pacific coast.

“Be Shellfish” Eat Me Festival (March-April)

As winter gives way to spring, it’s time for you to celebrate crusty crustaceans along with Washington Wine Month. Come to Salty’s waterfront locations for our “Be Shellfish, Eat Me” Festival and pay homage to crustaceans by feasting on mouthwatering prawns, shrimp and lobster.

Yes, prawns are a local fish! Wild spot prawns are especially prized and you’ll want to watch your local fish market to get first dibs (read Chef Jeremy’s Kitchen Tips blog to find where to buy them.)

Be sure to read the latest Salty’s News so you don’t miss our Chefs’ Prawn Boil “The Prawnapalooza” event which sells out quickly. Sign up for Salty’s VIP Email List to be in the know!

“Just for the Halibut” Festival (May-June)

The catch is coming in! That means it’s time for our Hippoglossus Stenolopis festival! Hippo, what? It’s easier just to call it halibut. And, you can call our halibut fabulous during our Just for the Halibut Festival. Salty’s spring halibut festival kicks up its tail starting in early spring and you and your friends can enjoy it through summer at all our waterfront Salty’s Seafood Grills.

Halibut are among the largest fish in the sea. They can grow to more than eight-feet long and over 700 pounds in weight. Caught in the icy cold ocean waters off Canada and Alaska and then shipped fresh direct to Salty’s Seafood Grills, halibut are an excellent source of high-quality protein. That makes it the perfect health food for serious seafood lovers – naturally low in fat, sodium and calories. Like all our guests, halibut are seafood lovers, too. Their favorite foods are octopus, crab, herring, cod and flounder.

“The Wild Ones” Salmon Festival (July, August and September)

Wild salmon start running in spring but the prime season is in summer. Race to Salty’s Seafood Grill for our “Wild Ones” Summer Salmon Festival. From May through September, you and your friends can come in and enjoy wild salmon fresh from the greatest rivers and inlets of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Alaska and the Pacific Northwest are home to five different species of wild salmon: King, Silver, Pink, Sockeye and Chum. Not to confuse you, but a Chinook salmon is also called a King salmon or Tyee. Coho salmon is the same as a Silver salmon. A Pink is a Humpback and Sockeye is known as a Red or Blueback. Finally, Chum can be called Dog or Keta. You’ll also hear salmon referred to by their originating river, such as Copper River Kings or Fraser River Sockeye. Whatever you call them, you can call Kings, Silvers and Sockeye delicious!

At Salty’s Seafood Grills, we’ll feature a variety of savory salmon from all over the Greater Pacific Northwest – Alaska’s Copper River, Yukon River, Yakutat River, Kotzebue Sound, Kenai River on Cook Inlet, Bella Bella/Bella Coola in British Columbia, and from the Alaskan Arctic.

“Aw Shucks” Amorous Oysters and Bivalves Festival (October-November)

The end of summer comes with one consolation – fall and Salty’s “Aw Shucks!” Amorous Oysters and Bivalves Festival. Gourmet food lovers come to Salty’s to celebrate their favorite aphrodisiac – oysters! Pacific oysters, Kumamoto oysters, European Flat oysters, and Olympia oysters all make an appearance during our annual festival. Be sure to read the latest Salty’s News so you don’t miss our Shucktoberfest event which sells out quickly. Sign up for Salty’s VIP Email List to be in the know!

The old notion that oysters should only by eaten in months with an “r” in them (September, October, November, etc.) is a myth that may have originated from the days when oysters were shipped without adequate refrigeration and could spoil. This isn’t true today. Even though, at Salty’s Seafood Grills, we celebrate the oyster in the fall, oysters can be enjoyed year round as we provide our guests with firm, flavorful oysters from cool waters/farms.

“Magical March of the Nutcrackers” Festival (December)

Although seafood is our greatest love, we know you like meat and offer you USDA steaks and other meaty dishes too, especially in winter. Speaking of other protein, turkey is in the spotlight on Thanksgiving and we sell out for our renowned Thanksgiving Buffet far in advance but offer our VIP Email List members advance reservation notice (sign up for Salty’s VIP Email List today).

Salty’s nutcrackers are the stars of Salty’s appearance in the annual My Macy’s Holiday Parades held the day after Thanksgiving every year. These giant nutcrackers are wheeled in formation by the Salty’s team in both the downtown Seattle and Portland parades.

If you want to put together a Holiday Party in Seattle, Portland or South Seattle, you’ve found the right place! You won’t believe your eyes! Extravagant colorful lighting showcases larger-than-life nutcrackers that stand tall around our dining rooms to give your family, company banquets and parties a special touch of enchantment! Don’t miss our fantasy storybook setting during Salty’s Magical March of the Nutcrackers. Join us for Holiday Party Dinners, Holiday Party Luncheons and Holiday Party Weekend Brunches. Let our professional party planners help you with your family or company holiday event planning. Read more about Salty’s Private Dining, Catering Services and Banquets for both Seattle and Portland.