Is it Fair to Call Them Crabs?

Is it Fair to Call Them Crabs?

Have you ever wondered what makes a crab so crabby? I looked into it and discovered some pretty legit reasons for their “grumpy pants” attitude. It gives me a whole new perspective.
First of all… they’re old. Everyone gets old and it’s not easy. But feature this; crabs have been around 200 million years. They arrived during the Jurassic period – and we’re not talking about the movie here.

Secondly, their life is always going sideways. Seriously. Everywhere they go, they get to by walking sideways. Life can be difficult but that would really get tiring. Third, it’s a tough life, and Mr. Grouchy may just have been in a fight. These crabby guys have the propensity to duke it out. They compete over the ladies, their food and their homes too. You never know when someone is having a very bad day.

All this to say; its no wonder crabs need such a tough exterior! Sometimes this misrepresents, but it’s not their fault. They have a hard exoskeleton made of calcium carbonate and chitin. But, if you break through that tough exterior, underneath lies one of the softest crustaceans we know. On the inside they are so tender, so sweet and so delicate.
In the world there are so many species of crab, 4500 to be exact. But here in the Northwest we brazenly believe we have the very best. Of all these species, our famous “Dungee” (the Dungeness) the King and the Snow crab are the ones we feast on most. On rare occasions, we get LIVE delivery of the incredible Deep Sea Red Crab. (If you join our VIP mailing list, we secretly let you know when we have some.) But they, all together, give the Northwest its fine crabby reputation.

There are so many ways to enjoy delicious crab. Winter is the prime season for the freshest, sweetest “peak crab moment” of the year. We at Salty’s are bringing it to you in fine attitude adjusted style. Come visit and let our chef’s prepare some for you. In February we are bringing back our hot bubbly crab dip with a “Cheecho” twist. “Who doesn’t love creamy rich crab dip they can share with their family or friends…even if you aren’t the sharing type.” Chef Paolo says with a wink. If you are feeling twisted, try our fresh crab and fresh linguine with Calabrian chilies and crispy pancetta. Or maybe you’re the stuffy type and would prefer Columbia River Steelhead filled with crab Chef Eric style.
Whatever your mood is, just know we are here to cheer you.

If you are still feeling crabby, no worries, Chef Jeremy is here to inspire!