Salty's Stories of the Nutcrackers Page 2


Jester Jester
I joke, I laugh, I play, I dance.  This is my life, the life of a court jester. Are you sad?  Be glad, be happy that you have a laugh to laugh.  Dance away your sorrow, play away your day.  This is my life, the life of a court jester.  But how do I make joke more jokes, laugh more laughs, play more plays and dance more dances? Simply by being happy, being the Jester that I am.  So, if you’re down and have a frown that needs to be upside down just remember to smile, take a deep breath and sing “JESTER, JESTER!”

Nature Keeper
The sun rises, the sun sets. Life ebbs and flows, day in and day out.  But who takes care of the finer things in life? Who watches the birds, listens to the wind and revels in the sound of the ocean?  The Nature Keeper.  This nutcracker serves as protector of all things in nature. No matter if the rain falls or the sun shines the Nature Keeper is always there to keep the balance.  The patterns on her body show the flow of nature.  The Earth. The Air.  The Water.  Life.  The Nature Keeper takes care of all.

The King and I
The story of the King and I nutcracker is silly but echoes through history.  One morning as the King was preparing for a grand ball to be held later that evening his valet took a break from powdering the King’s nose. At that exact moment a King Salmon popped his head out of the sea and shouted to the King,  ”Your majesty, I long to be in the limelight.  I want to walk the red carpet and be as you are.”  Surprised and delighted for a new buddy the King gestured for the salmon to jump into his open arms.  From that moment on the King and I (the salmon) have been inseparable.

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