De-Stress Your Holidays!

De-Stress Your Holidays!

The holiday season is the sweetest time of year. But it’s not the cookies, fudge and candy canes that make it that way. It’s the loving intentions and memories we bring to the season. We dash near and far gathering with friends and family, reuniting generations of elders, youngsters and in-betweens. It’s a time of traditions, meaning, belief and wonder, good food and warm hugs and sometimes a little stress too. The season can become complicated with so many details. If we slide down that slippery slope of too many things to do and too little time, before you know it the Grinch has arrived! This frenzy, stress and craziness isn’t good for our health. It raises our blood pressure as well as our stress hormone levels. This has a negative effect on our nervous system and on our overall health. So let’s be good to ourselves this year and enjoy these special days. In order to help accomplish that, here are a few thoughts to ponder.

“Try to slow down and take some deep breaths, smell the pines and savor the moments.”

Try to slow down and take some deep breaths, smell the pines and savor the moments. Don’t do too much, but do more for others. Give an older person a warm hello. Be extra kind to strangers, as well as those closest to us. Give fewer gifts but give more compliments. Share the workload and share the fun. Delight in some special sweets and serve lots of healthy food. Forget the small stuff and remember our sense of wonder and humor. Be truly present for the special moments, creating memories that will last.

We also need to simplify! Maybe some easy new holiday ideas would be fun to try this year. Have you ever bundled up and gone to see the lighted Christmas Ship parades in either the Greater Seattle or Portland areas? It is a Northwest experience not to be missed. The ships are stopping at all three Salty’s locations this year. You could gather friends, and with hot drink in hand, carol and sing along! Read more about both Seattle and Portland parades here.

A Salty’s holiday brunch or happy hour with the season’s dcor and pizzazz means you don’t have to decorate or cook to be together. Consider taking a cooking class with friends saying, Hey, let’s make this our gift to each other just by being together.” To simplify your shopping, our elves can even help by offering presents that create special memories, with Salty’s gift cards — all tied in a bow.

We are wishing you the merriest and most enjoyable, low-stress holiday season with many blessings upon you and those you love.