Experience Salty's Magical March of the Nutcrackers Festival!


December 5th, 2019 – January 1st, 2020

Every year giant life-sized nutcrackers march to Salty’s to make our holidays very special. We call it the Magical March of the Nutcrackers. The nutcrackers march in the annual My Macy’s Holiday Parade in Seattle the day after Thanksgiving. After the parades, they arrive at all three Salty’s to make your holidays magical for Salty’s Santa Brunches, the Christmas Ships annual holiday waterfront celebrations, Cookie Decorating Events Christmas Eve and New Year’s celebrations. You won’t believe your eyes! Extravagant colorful lighting showcases larger-than-life nutcrackers that stand tall around our dining rooms to give your family lunches and dinners, company banquets and parties a special touch of enchantment! Don’t miss our fantasy storybook setting during Salty’s Magical March of the Nutcrackers. Read our Nutcracker stories here!

Festival Dishes

This December, our chefs and our in-house bakeries come together to engineer dishes that pay tasty tribute to this special time of year. Join Salty’s at our Seattle, Des Moines and Portland locations to experience our Magical March of the Nutcracker Festival dishes for a limited time only.

Baked Oysters “Leck-e-feller”

with tender spinach, boursin cheese, bacon & secret spices

Braised Veal Shank

slow cooked until tender served with vibrant saffron risotto & topped with gremolata

“Cowboy” Bone-In Ribeye

grilled to perfection and served with buttermilk soaked fried onions and fluffy white cheddar chive mashers