Delicious Double Play

Delicious Double Play

It’s halibut time, ladies and gentlemen, and I am certain that you would like to know that this month’s recipe is a delicious double play. Nutrient-dense halibut and delicious portobello mushrooms are kicking your plate and taking names. Halibut is a fabulously nutrient-dense fish and portobello mushrooms are way up there too, but they contain something in common that really hits the ball out of the park, and that is selenium. Maybe you have never heard of this minute mineral our bodies need, but I can tell you that they both have plenty of it.

Selenium is essential because our bodies can’t produce it, so we must make sure that we constantly consume it. This mineral helps build important enzymes that our body uses to compete against those frustrating free radicals that cause daily damage in our cells. This damage shows up in many ways, but primarily in the ravages of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Selenium has also been shown to positively affect mood and to possibly help in diseases that involve the thyroid gland.

Selenium’s primary role is the protection of healthy cells from free radical damage. Free radicals are the byproducts of metabolism that dodge normal waste removal and wreak havoc on the body. Antioxidants, such as selenium, block their attempts to adulterate the composition of healthy cells and tissue. (Read more at

When we are not operating efficiently at a cellular level the normal metabolic process can become abnormal and too much abnormal eventually becomes a health problem. Healthy cells are the building blocks of healthy bodies. So let’s be sure that we keep them that way. Halibut alone is an amazingly healthy food that is also known as the most popular white fish in the sea. Dense in sweet flavor and texture this seafood is easy to prepare and can adapt easily to almost any style of preparation. (Read more at

To score some selenium, you can make our yummy recipe yourself or come in and we would love to make it for you! The most important thing to know is that for most people the best place to get this important nutrient is from your plate. Nutritional supplements do not contain all the wondrous other nutrients that combine together for a winning effect. These subtle healthy additions from our food create the teamwork that gets the job done. It’s the combination of foods like our halibut and portobello dish that mysteriously work together to deliciously defend against the opposition.